Fully Managed Care vs Private Carer

Using a fully managed service, like Independent Living Care to care for you in your own home will always work out more expensive than hiring someone privately to work for you in the care of a loved one. Below is some good reasons why a fully managed service should be thoroughly considered.

There will always be a back up care worker available to cover unforeseen situations.

Whether its sickness, holidays, unplanned emergencies, sick children etc, if your regular care worker calls off, a professional care provider will always have back up staff it can put in their place.

You can benefit from the recruiting experience and intuition a care provider will have in choosing good quality staff.

Recruiting good quality staff is a skill and an art which takes years to perfect. Intuition is key in recruiting staff. The top characteristics you should be looking for is warm-heartedness, humility and high levels of emotional intelligence. Experience and qualifications have some benefit but we believe care is not something that can be taught, you either have it or you don’t. A care provider will also do thorough due diligence

Care staff are well trained.

Care providers incorporate ongoing training for their staff into their employment of staff. Training is not just provided to staff when they first join an organisation, but refresher training, additional qualifications and ongoing professional development is continual.

Easy to swap out staff if you not getting on

Sometimes a client and a care worker just don’t quite hit it off. If you have gone through a lengthy recruiting process and then find that this happens, you are back to square one. With a care provider in the back ground its easy and immediate to arrange a swap for a new care worker until you find the one that is the right fit for you.

None of the day to day headaches of being an employer.

When you hire privately, you need to be thinking of setting up payroll, employers tax contributions, social insurance contributions, give consideration to contractual obligation like sick pay, maternity pay, bereavement pay, annual holiday entitlement. You will also need to have in place employers liability. On the whole when you employ the right people they will not need very much ‘managing’ whoever they still need generally looked after, supported, supervised, encouraged, made to feel valued etc or they will leave you.

Whilst it should not happen very often, should anything go wrong with the employment arrangements and you find yourself on the wrong side of the law the legal costs, can add up considerably not to mention the hassle, heartache and general time wasted.