Live-in Care

A carer living in your house with you.  They can assist with all activities of daily living during the day and overnight.  When the level of support required reaches a certain level, it may make both financial and practical sense to look into live-in care

Daytime Care

If you require a level of care, companionship and support with every day living on a regular or ad hoc basis, hourly care through the day care will be invaluable.

Overnight Care

The reassuring presence of one of our carers with you in the house throughout the night.

24/7 for Emergencies

Available to all our regular clients 24 hrs a day for your peace of mind.

In-Home Care with Companionship and Quality Time

At Independent Living Consultants we understand that getting care in place and understanding your options can be daunting.

However, in essence it’s the provision of care and support for people living, otherwise independently, within their own homes. Through a pattern of daily, weekly or live-in care, in-home is a satisfying and rewarding alternative to residential care.

Our aim is to make this process as simple as possible.

During the day, hourly care at home is perfect as an alternative to the limitations of statutory care, which sadly is becoming increasingly insufficient. Private care provides people with choice and control over the care that they receive. We provide high-quality care exclusively for self-funding people in Jersey. Hourly care is a starting point, but as needs change we can develop and evolve your care package with you right up to live-in care.

Our daytime care visits in your home are the provision of care for people living otherwise independently within their own homes. Our ethos is about building robust and consistent care packages that are all about the person and relationships rather than about ‘task’. A good example of this is that our visits are for a minimum of two hours at a time, and for 10 hours a week or more.

Live-in Care at Home

Live-in care is the complete and holistic alternative to residential care.

Often, when your care and support needs exceed around 6-8 hours a day it may become necessary to have someone present in your home throughout the day and night to provide that reassurance and a helpful presence. Often this can prove a very cost-effective way to be supported by comparison to hourly care.

Live-in care is provided for clients who need help throughout the day and sometimes at night. Live-in carers will live their lives alongside their clients in their homes and will be on hand to assist with every area of every day life.

Live-in care services, while often a long term arrangement can be accessed on a very flexible basis from one day through to indefinitely. Some people use live-in care on a permanent basis; some will use it on an ad-hoc basis either to provide temporary help while they recover from an illness or to provide respite for a professional or family carer.

Common Live-in Care Tasks

  • Friendly Companionship
  • Weekly Shopping
  • Laundry and linen
  • Co-attendance at social events, clubs or church services
  • Garden maintenance
  • Going for walks and outings together
  • Assistance getting washed and dressed
  • Cooking and baking together
  • General housework
  • Transporting to hospital appointments
  • Reading the newspaper with you
  • Helping you complete paperwork, letters and paying bills
  • Assistance with medications

We can also adapt our service for complex conditions such as Parkinson’s, MS, dementia. In these circumstances your carer would receive the relevant training.

A Realistic Alternative To Residential Care

Care at home allows people to retain a level of independence, choice, and control that would not be possible in a care home. The ability to stay in your own home also allows you continue to live in a familiar environment, often the family home of many years, with family, friends and other social connections intact.

Also to consider is the emotional distress associated with selling the family home in order to move into residential care. This can be painful for everyone involved.  For many people, their own home is going to be a better environment for care.

What are the benefits?

How does it work ?

  • Friendly companionship and genuine social support
  • Help with daily personal care activities
  • Help with housework, preparation of meals, medications
  • Undertaking shopping or assisting you to do it yourself
  • Company and assistance in running errands and appointments
  • Assistance with reading/writing and household administrative tasks.

  • You tell us the kind of care you would like
  • We will introduce you to your carer before you agree to going ahead
  • Increase or reduce your care arrangements over time to suit your needs
  • Maintain a level of independence in your own home
  • Unobtrusive care and support on your terms
  • Maintain a sense of freedom to continue to live life to the full
  • Enjoy the benefits of a meaningful long term relationship with your carer.


We know that the needs of our elderly clients go beyond routine practical tasks. Our carers are there for both the practical support, as well as emotional support.

Ensuring our visits last at-least 2 hours, and for a minimum of 10 hours a week, means that our carers build truly meaningful and trusted relationships with their clients.

Whilst our holistic home care will flow from first building a meaningful social and relational rapport with our clients.  Through laying a foundation of companionship we can of course assist with lots of day to day tasks:

A non-exhaustive list of duties would include:

  • Help with housework.
  • Assistance with linen and laundry
  • Preparation of meals
  • Shopping and errands.
  • Physical exercise and leisure trips.
  • Reminders for medications.
  • Assistance in planning and attending appointments, groups and clubs.
  • Help with daily personal care activities like getting dressed, washing, going to the toilet.
  • Assistance with reading, writing and household administration.
  • Assistance around the home in arranging practical helps like maintenance and gardening.

High quality home care allows our clients to retain a level of independence and dignity that might not be matched when staying in a care home.


We know that a friendly and familiar face is essential with care. It’s important to us that you bond with your carer. We can’t stress highly enough the benefits that consistent and robust care arrangements bring to the whole family.

A care package must be built with solid foundations for it to be successful longer term, so we always provide introductions between you and your carer.  We will keep in touch with you and ask for your feedback in case any adjustments need to be made to your care arrangements.

Case Studies

Mrs. J

Mrs. J is a 76 year old lady with moderate arthritis who now lives alone but cherishes her independence. Recently she fell on the way to the bathroom and spent a night in hospital with minor head injuries.

Both she and her children, who now work in London, are worried about whether she can remain safely in her own home. She can no longer drive and badly misses going out to the shops and meeting her friends in town.

Independent Living Consultants organised the following for Mrs. James:

  • Automatic lighting from the bedroom to the bathroom

  • An alarm call system

  • Grab-rails fixed to the front door and in the bathroom

  • A bath-lift and a stair lift installed

  • Twice weekly escorted visits to the shops organised

  • A falls prevention programme established at home with a physiotherapist

  • Follow-up visits booked by a member of our staff and feedback provided to the family.

Mr. G

Mr. G has been referred to Independent Living Consultants as he is soon going into hospital for a much needed hip replacement. He wants to return home as quickly as possible but worries how he will manage.

A member of our team visited him at home two weeks prior to his operation, provided him with practical advice on how to manage his daily living and organised the appropriate equipment. Once the equipment was installed and demonstrated to Mr. G, the hospital was given the details so that his discharge would not be delayed.

About us

Independent Living Consultants was established in 2007 with the aim of providing professional and impartial advice to people with disabilities and health difficulties who want to remain independent.

Although our emphasis is on helping people to be safe and comfortable at home, we recognise that it is often the environment outside the home that can challenge independence. With this in mind we also provide a Consultancy Service to companies and individuals who require advice on general access issues, both in the work place and in public areas.

Our team at Independent Living Consultants is led by Joanna MacLachlan and Verity Boak.

Joanna MacLachlan
Joanna has worked as a senior nurse before coming to Jersey 16 years ago,  has a broad knowledge of the medical services both here and on the mainland. Since being on Jersey, she cared for her ageing mother for six years and is experienced with the issues involved.
Verity Boak
Verity, an Occupational Therapist, has extensive experience working within the community promoting independent living. She has also worked in Jersey advising the building industry on disability related matters.

“So many people of my generation are going through the dilemma of what to do about our dependent parents. People often don’t know where to turn to for advice when they find themselves in this alien world.”

Mrs. S