Helpful Items Around the Home


Helpful Items Around the Home The Grabber Stick A ‘must have’ item, the grabber stick is a great tool for reaching and grabbing anything: from taking clothes off the washing line to picking up a magazine from the coffee table. Grabber sticks are so popular that they are often reported [...]

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Early Signs of Dementia Symptoms


Early Signs of Dementia There are many small signs of decline which might signal the need for extra help if spotted in an elderly loved one. It is vitally important to take action if you see these signs. Below are a few key things to look for: Daily Tasks Signs [...]

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Helping with Medication


Helping with Medication Looking after the medication needs of another person is a huge responsibility, and can often become quite a complicated tasks. Here are our top tips on successfully assisting someone manage their medication needs.  If in doubt, always ask a GP. BE KNOWLEDGEABLE When dealing with [...]

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Elderly People and Mobility


Elderly People and Mobility Driving is a very sensitive issue for most older people. The more objective the family is about their driving skills and abilities the more successful the family will be in convincing the older person to limit their driving or stop driving altogether. There’s no legal age [...]

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Coping with Dementia at Home


Coping with Dementia at Home Dementia care is a large part of what we do, so naturally accessibility for people with dementia is of primary importance to us. Changes to layout and helpful signage can go a long way in reducing stress or confusion for people living with dementia. Research [...]

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